Diablo III

  • Platform: PS4
  • Characters:
    • Hardcore Non-Seasonal: 1 Character, Demon Hunter, Level: low 20s
    • Softcore Non-Seasonal: At least 1 of every class at level 70. Currently Paragon 600+
    • Season 11: Softcore: 1 Monk, Level 70 paragon 60+
  • DLC:
    • Necromancer Pack
  • Latest Character Builds Update: https://www.d3planner.com/752961053

I currently play this game quite a bit.  I am currently working on getting class specific sets, and upgrading gear with rerolls in Non-seasonal Softcore. I run a lot of rifts, and do a lot of bounties.  I don’t mind leveling up people or giving away my old gear.  I will even upgrade gear for people if you have an item I want, but haven’t found.


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