Elder Scrolls Online

I have this available to play at anytime, but I am taking a short break from it while I work on a few other games. If anyone wants me to play please let me know. 

  • Platform: PS4
  • Gamer Tag: Solo013
  • PS4 Community: ESO – Adventures
    • I use this community to post game, group, guild, screenshots, and event information directly on PS4. Send me a message if you’d like to be added to the community, and I can invite you.  You can also do a search for the community
  • Guild: I currently run a guild called Knights Of Queen Amanda, although I might be starting a new guild soon. I do like for you to be part of my guild if you want to adventure with me.  It makes it a lot easier to group up.  The guild also has a bank in which you can share items you don’t need, but others might.  To be able to take stuff out of the bank we ask that you recruit another player into the guild.  This will allow us to eventually have a Guild Store as well.
  • DLC
    • Morrowind – Owned
    • Thieves Guild – Owned
    • Orsinium – Owned
    • Imperial City – Owned
    • Shadows Of The Hist – Only when I have ESO Plus
    • Dark Brotherhood – Only When I have ESO Plus, but I am willing to buy it if I need to.


  • Dovakhael:
    • Level: 50, Nord, Dragonknight, Ebonheart Pact – Stamina Build
    • Goal: Main Character for now, but plan to use him as a master craftsman in the future. I am currently working on Blacksmithing, but will respec the character once I’m ready to start offering crafting services.
  • Kanuwaka
    • Level 4, Khajiit, Sorcerer, Aldmeri Dominion
    • Goal: Will be my main mage character once I’m done with DovaKhael. I thoroughly enjoy the Sorcerer class even though I’ve not played with it much.
  • Alistair William
    • Level: 4, Wood Elf, Warden
    • Morrowind Character, I don’t like how short he is so I may delete him and start over.
  • Davinacus Khale
    • Level 7+ I can’t remember the details right now.
    • Goal: This is my healer for my group.

I currently have one person that will always be in my main group if they are playing at the same time.


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